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Connecting-it-all-together – Hybrid-Connect


Ok here we have the final chapter of the WordPress Email Marketing course. 

So what have we learnt so far?

  • It is possible to send professional emails within WordPress
  • This is achieved using the WYSIJA newsletter plugin
  • Plus we have learnt about using different email delivery options and the pros and cons of each method

If you need a refresher of these topics make sure to go back to the course overview page here.

Now that we know this, we need something to tie it all in

Specifically we need a connector that connects our website to the WYSIJA plugin so that we can collect names and email addresses from people who visit our website. Once we have collected their details they are then automatically entered into an auto responder sequence of between three to seven emails over a one to two month period.

This email marketing process is exactly what I do on my website, as can be seen below:



I know from personal experience that the ability to add professional subscriber capture forms has been a MAJOR stumbling block for many website owners. It has been such an obstacle that many people have resorted to simply just having some text on their website which saying “Sign up to our newsletter” – I’m sure you have seen these for yourselves.

To be perfectly honest with you such a statement on your website sounds like you are asking permission from your readers to spam them. So please don’t do it!

This method of asking people to sign up to your newsletter with no compelling offer is not effective in capturing people’s name and email addresses because to do so you need a powerful benefit driven offer. 

Creating your offer

Think about it. 

We are very hesitant to give our email addresses online because of the huge amount of SPAM we get daily. So it makes sense that if we are going to give our email addresses online that we are expecting to get something back in return. There is an acronym for this behaviour…


What’s in it for me?

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal clients and ask yourself what do they truly want from me. What piece of information, video, interview or even special coupon will entice them enough to give me their name and email address?

Once you have this, you now have a compelling offer – this is the first step checked off!

Now you need your offer capture form

So just like my graphic above of the capture form I use on my website you are going to need something similar that is well designed and prominently placed on your website.

What are some keys to a great capture form?

  • Benefit focused headline
  • Compelling use of well-designed graphics
  • 3-5 bullet points of what your subscriber will get
  • Easy to use form asking for name and email address

Let’s look at the last point specifically…

An easy to use form.

Remember how I said this was a major challenge for many website owners – well because you are using WordPress I have a great little trick/hack for you.

Simply use the same WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add great looking capture forms and even squeeze pages to your website.

This plugin is called Hybrid Connect and it has been a breath of fresh air to me since using it. It is simply a connector that connects your website to your email database, which in our case is WYSIJA. 

However Hybrid Connect can work with virtually all email database solutions such as AWEBER andInfusion soft. However my natural choice for you after going through this course would still be WYSIJA. The simplicity and convenience of just logging into WordPress, which you do anyway to send emails cannot be discounted.

To read my full overview of Hybrid Connect click here. 

So there you have it, this final chapter brings this course to an end.

My question to you is,“What are you going to do about it?” You now have all the knowledge and tools you need to start building one of your most powerful marketing assets, which is your email list. The money is in the list as we say in the industry.

Remember if you have any challenges implementing this into your business you have a support system. As a member you have access to me and my team to answer any questions you may have. Your questions also help us to continually improve the quality of our training, so please do ask if something is unclear.

To your email marketing success!

Your friend,



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