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Since first getting Scarcity Samurai and being impressed by its ease of use and profit generating capabilities I am glad to say that the Noble Samurai team have lived up to the other all important area of product development…


As an owner of Market Samurai I had become accustomed to the level of support and work the Noble Samurai team puts into their products. Scarcity Samurai is no different and in the few months I have had this WordPress plugin I have virtually received a notification every other week of a new update that adds some other function or bug fix.

Noble Samurai mean business on their Scarcity Samurai plugin and are working to make it best in class, which quite honestly it already is. So if you have been on the fence about whether you should purchase Scarcity Samurai, I would encourage you to get the plugin and begin experimenting on your website sooner rather than later.

Also remember members of paultherond.com get this plugin at an absolute steal with a $40 rebate. This is just one of many great benefits of becoming a member

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