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Whenever I am advising a client regarding their websites I will generally tend to highlight the need for an email marketing campaign to complement their other online objectives. I even go as far as saying that capturing someones email address is as important as getting them to buy a product or service from you. This is where tools such as Hybrid Connect come in and why I have decided to do this review. 

Now firstly if that previous statement took you back a bit and you thought to yourself, “How can capturing someones email address be as important as making a sale?” Well think about this

  • 80% of people who land on your website for the first time will not be ready to buy from you
  • Most clients eventually leave a business due to neglect and lack of contact

Email marketing helps to fill in the gaps so that you get more business from prospects who may initially not be ready to buy from you, whilst helping you to keep existing clients. Can you see now why email marketing is so important, especially if you have the goal of building a long term profitable business?

So how does Hybrid Connect help?

Hybrid Connect is a WordPress Plugin that helps you to capture people’s email addresses in a professional manner. It does this through the use of email capture forms that you can place in your sidebar, in Squeeze Pages, at the bottom of your pages and also as scrolling pop-up. 

Now there are a number of other WordPress plugins that do a similar job such as Pop Up domination, Optin Skin and WP Subscribers. However Hybrid Connect is my personal choice because it works with most email autoresponders including my own WYSIJA WordPress plugin, which I talk about in my WordPress email marketing course.

I also found Hybrid Connect to have a few additional customisation options as compared to my previous capture plugin which was Pop Up Domination. Most notably the squeeze pages and the ability to add designed graphics to the end of my posts encouraging people to sign up was a deal clincher for me. 

See this unedited video demonstration of editing a squeeze page in Hybrid Connect

So if you are looking at increasing your email marketing opt-in rate considerably I would recommend that you use Hybrid Connect

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