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Ladies and gentlemen,

I have a question to ask of Google!

When will Google Offers (inside Google Places for Business) come to the United Kingdom? I was researching around the Internet as you do and started to get excited when I saw a few web pages that seemed to indicate that it had launched finally. You can see this page here and notice the menu that says Premium features and how Google offers is mentioned!

This is not a .com website it is, so naturally I assume it may have finally launched. However no luck, I have been waiting months for this to happen as Google Maps forms an important part of my strategy with clients and right here on this website through the training I provide. So I guess we just have to wait for now.

But the question still remains Google, when are you coming to the UK and why do you currently have a UK domain version of your website promoting Google offers only to let us business owners down when we try and create a coupon?

Anybody else out there frustrated?

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