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The best email marketing process and no it’s not AWeber!

In this email marketing for WordPress course, consisting of 4 main chapters we are going to look at how to send mass emails straight from WordPress. Plus look at how it can be done at exceptionally low cost and believe it or not it doesn't involve using AWeber.

AWeber for those of you who don’t know is an online email marketing program that has pretty much been around since the beginning of internet marketing. Most online experts are recommending AWeber and for good reason as it does the job of sending mass emails really well.

However I have always had one issue with it, when you start to become successful it is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Plus it doesn't allow me to send emails from my WordPress website admin area.  Having a separate login for my email marketing has always been a frustration to me. I would much rather just login once to my WordPress website and handle everything I need for my online business right there.

So with all that said this is why this course is being published as it will show the solutions I have found.

But first, let’s look at email pricing more closely

Let’s say you start to grow a successful online business and your subscriber list starts to swell to say up to 25000 people.

In AWeber you would then have to pay $149 per month as of current pricing on their website. Now this might sound like a lot of subscribers but you will be surprised how quickly many people have reached that figure when you start adding more websites to your portfolio. Plus if you have been in business for a while and have a customer database in place already, you could quickly start paying a fair sum for your email marketing.

Side note: AWeber is terrible for importing contacts by the way! Say for example you imported your customer database into AWeber, by doing so you would not be able to send emails to them unless they specifically confirmed their subscription again. So that database of clients and contacts you worked so hard to gain would effectively be lost as most people won’t confirm again due to the nuisance factor. So please don’t use AWeber if you already have a large database, keep reading this course for the alternatives.

A more comforting thought!

Wouldn't you feel better if you knew at the beginning of launching your email marketing campaign, that if your venture was successful, you wouldn't be paying $150+ per month. After reading this course it would be more in the vicinity of $30 p/m?

I’m sure you will agree that if you are intending to take internet marketing seriously that this is a more comforting monthly investment to deal with.

But it’s not all about price!

When investigating email marketing options, it’s not only the price that you need to be concerned with but also the deliverability. This is such a big topic at the moment especially at the enterprise level.

Now historically AWeber and other services such as Getresponse etc. have been quite good at this, but believe me, by no means is it a perfect game.

It is estimated that on average 20% of all emails go undelivered…

Just this morning I signed up for a newsletter that was using AWeber and low and behold my “Free Report” landed in the junk mail. This doesn't often happen with AWeber but it just proves the point that it can and does happen from time to time.

This is why you always see top email marketers asking you to whitelist them. To see mine in action simply sign up anywhere on this website and take note of the process.

So with all that said… In this WordPress Email marketing course we are going to look at an alternative solution to AWeber, Mailchimp, Getresponse… that possibly you may not have known about before. Even If you have heard of it, you may not have known exactly how to apply the strategies to your own email marketing.

Well no longer my friend!

Keep coming back to this course over the next two to three weeks till the completion of the final chapter and all will be revealed.

What are some key themes discussed in the course?

  • How you will save time and money by sending emails straight from WordPress
  • How to boost your deliverability rates using the email platforms of the pros
  • How to dramatically increase your newsletter opt-in rates
  • Step by step guides and resources
  • Audio and video training for members

I’m excited to share this all with you and a special thank you goes out to one of my readers (Trishan) for first sharing with myself some of the ideas in this course.

Next chapter can be viewed here.

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