Measuring Google Maps

Measuring Google Maps


When undertaking any new project it is important to have some goals in place and the tools to be able to measure whether you are reaching your goals or not.

Now when it comes to getting to the top of Google Maps you are going to want to use a tool that quickly tells you where your website is placed in the Google rankings. This replaces the process of having to find your website yourself in Google (This can be very time consuming especially when you are not in the top 50 results of Google!)

Let's have a look at some tools I use

Firstly there is Market Samurai (which was introduced earlier in this series). Not only is it great for keyword research but it also comes with a rank tracker of up to 10 keywords. When you want to track more keywords you pay a monthly fee.

The second tool, which I personally use as it gives me access to more SEO tools is called SEOprofiler. They have a basic plan, which is suitable for most at a cost of $19 per month that includes rank tracking. However I have found there website auditing features and competition spying tools to be particularly useful too. At a price of $19 p/m I really don't think you will find better value to features anywhere.

The final tool for measurement is one from a company called BrightLocal. There tool differs from the above as it provides specific advice and tracking for Google Local Maps. It also helps in the process of building citations etc.

It is worth a look to see if it adds value to you in your Google map ranking efforts. However my personal opinion is that you get more bang for your buck with the above tools. With this said it is still worth a try as they do offer a free trial and they do offer some good local SEO tips along the way.




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Course Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Market Research
Chapter 2: 
Optimising Your Website
Chapter 3: Off Page Optimisation
Chapter 4: Social Factors
Chapter 5: Measuring Google Local Success
Chapter 6: Getting a helping hand
BONUS Members Chapter (Contains Cheat Sheet)

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6 years ago

good one, i also wriritng about SEO and local seo in my own blog , consider translating some of ur content to my language. thanks 🙂

6 years ago

Hi Paul

Thanks for including BrightLocal on you list and glad that you’re enjoying our service. We have lots of new developments in the pipeline that I’m sure will make us even more useful to you.

All the best