Local SEO Bonus Chapter – Tools of the Trade Cheat Sheet

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Cheat-sheetIn this chapter I am going to create an easy to reference cheat sheet for you of all the recommended tools both free and paid that will help you in your journey to the top of Google Maps. Please note that some links will contain my affiliate link and may be eligible for the ultra special discounts available to you as a member.

Market and Keyword research

Market Samurai – The best keyword suggestion tool around
Google Keyword suggestion tool – Free tool from Google

Domains and Hosting

GoDaddy – Great prices on registering domains
Hostgator – Fantastic hosting company for your website

Building great websites

WordPress – The best system to begin building your website
Elegant Themes – Great templates for WordPress to make your website shine

SEO Tools and Tracking

Google Analytics – Free website statistics from Google
Google Webmaster Tools – (Good for diagnosing website issues and getting your website ranked super fast if you have a new website – Full tutorial to be published soon.)
SEOprofiler – Used to improve search engine rankings and also to track your position on Google
Brightlocal – Similar to SEOprofiler in that it helps with SEO and offers tracking but specialises in improving Google Map rankings (has a citation finder).

Outsourcing Websites

Virtual Staff Finder by Chris Ducker

Course Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Market Research
Chapter 2: 
Optimising Your Website
Chapter 3: Off Page Optimisation
Chapter 4: Social Factors
Chapter 5: Measuring Google Local Success
Chapter 6: Getting a helping hand
BONUS Members Chapter (Contains Cheat Sheet)

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6 years ago

Nice tips for me. I was also looking for this kind of lessons. For my blog site I will apply your marketing strategy. You can use another seo tool Serplab to check the result of Google SERP of any website. It also instruct me that what I have to do to develop my site I have used many tools to check my site’s health in Google SERP. But it is totally free and better than any premium seo tools.

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