Wysija Wordpress Plugin

Wysija WordPress Plugin

Send emails straight from WordPress!

Members: See end of chapter for full step by step video instructions.

Please note that this course on email marketing is based on having a WordPress website. For other content management systems, AWeber may still be a better bet as I have not specifically researched this.

So with this in mind it makes sense that my recommendation of the best email provider for a WordPress website be a company who have developed a WordPress plugin for sending emails.

By having a plugin that connects into your website it means you just have to login once to your WP dashboard to be able to send emails, which is ultra-convenient. Especially when compared to other email marketing programs like Aweber & Mailchimp that require a separate login. This is a nice little time saver for us business owners.

So with this in mind I would like to introduce you to my new email marketing friend and it’s known by a funny name called WYSIJA. Apparently this stands for “What you send is just awesome”. It's a freemium plugin, which is great because you can get started for free.

Let's talk WYSIJA

For me the greatest benefit of this WordPress plugin is how easy it is to use plus what a breeze it was to convert from my previous email provider (Mailchimp). I simply setup a new list in WYSIJA and imported my subscribers from Mailchimp and chose a great email template.

This immediately stood out to me from the likes of AWeber…

If you have ever had the experience of moving to AWeber from another provider like I did, you will know that the import process is not smooth at all. In AWeber you have to get your previous subscribers to confirm again that they do want to be on your list. This can be catastrophic especially when you have many subscribers.

Another great thing about WYSIJA…

Is the actual WYSIWYG editor of WYSIJA! Try and say that quickly 🙂

I found it to be incredibly easy to use and simple by not trying to do too much. A lot of these email editors can be a nightmare with all their options and buttons that really serve no purpose.  Our primary goal when sending emails is to include text, links and maybe a picture or two and I like that WYSIJA makes these key tasks easy.

So good on WYSIJA for keeping it simple. Plus and this is a big plus; it comes loaded with great email templates and social media icons to really make your campaigns stand out from all the other email clutter out there.

A final thought on WYSIJA

One of the main things you need to ask about using in-built email plugins whether on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal is ,”How reliable will the deliverability be?”

This is an important question and one where many email plugins fall short because they use the inbuilt sendmail protocol of your website hosting provider.

Now if you are not sending too much email (under about 70 per day) you could potentially get away with this. This would mean that you effectively have a free email marketing solution (the only cost is what you already pay to your hosting provider). However if your email list does start to grow, you are going to want to think about using a third party email sending platform. This is where things can become just a little bit tricky,

We will be discussing this in the next chapter and I will show you exactly what to do step by step. Plus WYSIJA supports using third party email platforms to actually send the emails on your behalf. This will dramatically improve your deliverability and reduce the chance of your email being caught in a SPAM folder or worse yet, completely blocked by an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

So that brings this chapter to an end.

Have a look at http://www.wysija.com/ and download/install it and read the next chapter of this course. Also if you are a member, you can login to see the video below with step by step instructions.



Next chapter can be viewed here.

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