My Google Places Marketing Course

Ladies and gentlemen,

Paul Thérond here and in this course we are going to tackle the important question that many a business owner has right now – “How do I get to the top of the Google Places Map?”

So with this in mind the ideal reader of my Google Places course are individuals who have a physical presence where they conduct business with clients. If you think about that this means this course really does apply to a number of local and national businesses and more than likely you right now reading this.

Getting to the top of Google maps for your industry and geographical area is a powerful marketing strategy and one that can't be ignored. As you will see in this screenshot below where I searched on Google for a coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland I was presented mainly with a map of options.


Whatever industry you are in, you want to be on this map above your competitors, so the clients come to you first.

This mini course will show you EXACTLY how.

So if you are a local business owner or the marketing director of a national company this mini course is for you. (Or your marketing co-ordinator)

I have purposely designed this course to provide you the very best actionable tips without all the fluff. It will also not take hours to go through, which is great in these busy times.

For this reason this mini-course is the first to form part of the KISS – HIT Series. (Keep it super simple, high intensity training)

Please note that this course is designed to be to the point and focus on the key themes to enable success, it is not a complete how to step by step course. For this I would recommend becoming a member of this website to get access to the full learning materials.

So without further ado let’s get into the action packed chapters.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Market Research
Chapter 2:
Optimising Your Website
Chapter 3: Off Page Optimisation
hapter 4: Social Factors
Chapter 5: Measuring Google Local Success
Chapter 6: Getting a helping hand
BONUS Members Chapter (Contains Cheat Sheet)

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