Off page optimisation

Off page optimisation

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Important: Have you completed the on-page SEO steps of the previous chapter? It is important to get that done before continuing with this chapter.

Ladies and gentlemen,

If you remember in our last chapter I mentioned that on page optimisation accounts for about 20% of the factors that Google considers when ranking websites. So it makes sense that off page optimisation is really where the bulk of your attention should be focused once you have done your keyword research and on-page work.

As this is an important chapter it will be broken down into little mini chapters:

3.1 – Getting on the Map (Local ADD)

Including Bing Maps, Apple Maps and Nokia Map local listings.

3.2 – Building back links

Crucial to establishing your website as the leader in your field.

3.3 – Friends and Family

An important ally in your online marketing efforts? I do think so!

3.4 – Building Citations

Absolute lifeblood of getting top rankings on the Google Map.

3.5 – Positive Reviews

More reviews = More customers = More profits.

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Course Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Market Research
Chapter 2: 
Optimising Your Website
Chapter 3: Off Page Optimisation
Chapter 4: Social Factors
Chapter 5: Measuring Google Local Success
Chapter 6: Getting a helping hand
BONUS Members Chapter (Contains Cheat Sheet)

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