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Wordpress installation service

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Wordpress installation service

I am personally a huge fan of WordPress and whenever I am advising a client on setting up a new website I always thoroughly recommend it as their content management system (CMS).

Most of the top online marketers currently use WordPress along with large companies like eBay, Ford and The Wall Street Journal to name but a few. Even celebrities like JayZ use WordPress for their blog!

So when making the decision to install WordPress you are joining an elite list of top companies and even celebrities who know what they are doing online.

There are so many reasons that this is the case from its ease of use, to it’s search engine optimised formatting and complete customisation of look, feel & functionality at the click of a button.

It is for this reason I have decided to make an easy and affordable first step into WordPress for all my readers and clients by offering a WordPress installation service on your domain of choice completely free of charge.

This special offer is made possible by the good people at Site 5 who will provide you with reliable and powerful website hosting. They really are my top recommendation for shared hosting at this moment after a lot of people have been complaining about Bluehost and Hostgator reliability issues as of late.

Get FREE WordPress here


What you will get:

  • WordPress installed on your own custom domain name
  • 1 FREE Premium theme from Elegant Themes ($39 value)
  • Setup of a basic contact form and additional plugins to get you started
  • Advice on where to from here

So basically what this means is that you will get your own powerful and good looking website for free that would normally cost well in excess of $100!

To book your WordPress installation, simply click the green button and then email support (at) requesting us to install WordPress.

We will then be in touch and you will have a choice of a premium Elegant Themes template that we will install too. All of this is a total value of $139 which you are getting completely free of charge, simply by choosing to host your website with the good people at Site5. Click the button below to begin. 

Get FREE WordPress

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8 years ago

WordPress is one of the awesome programs to create a website!

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