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eMarketing definition
eMarketing is a multidisciplinary channel of constantly evolving technologies and best practices. Read the full definition below.

e-Marketing (Electronic marketing) is the marketing of products and services using electronic media such as the Internet (which includes search marketing, email marketing, eCRM and social media marketing) but also now including the rapidly developing mobile marketing environment.


eMarketing is often used as a replacement term for Internet advertising but as can be seen from the above it is a wider umbrella name for more media options than simply Internet as it also includes mobile marketing and the increasing overlap between electronic and traditional media.

Therefore people who are in the eMarketing industry are focused on more than just developments in the Internet space but also on all forms of electronic media and how this can be used to better target and sell to specified target markets.

Innovative eMarketing Strategies

Innovative eMarketing strategies apart from obvious Internet advertising and search marketing campaigns include the use of billboard and other traditional media such as radio & TV where people are advised to search for a specific keyword and then find a special promotional page online. For example IKEA’s Happy to Bed campaign, which was run on TV here in the UK.

Another interesting strategy I thought I would share here is the mobile app Shazam. One example of what they did was when people were watching TV commercials a little Shazam graphic would appear encouraging people to see more special bonus content by letting their smartphone “listen” to the ad. This was used by Pepsi in the Britain’s Got Talent final last night. This is quite an innovative idea as it may be the start of solving the modern day problem of people muting ads by having this special bonus content pop up during certain events like the SuperBowl or X Factor etc.

If you learnt something from this definition or have an opinion, why not share it through the comments below? You may also be interested in the eMarketing on a Budget course, which you can enjoy completely free of charge at the following link – eMarketing on a Budget

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