If you are looking for a discount on this course, click here. Just make sure to read my review and tips below first.


net space profitsI recently purchased the Net Space Profits programme by Tyler Ericsson and must say that for all the absolute rubbish Internet marketing courses out there this was is one of the few legitimate real business opportunities if you are willing to put some work into it.

However with that being said not everything in life is perfect and I felt compelled to write this post so that if you do buy this programme you stand a better chance of succeeding.

Net Space Profits Tips:


  • Even though the system says you should only register .coms I would advise that if you are outside the US that you do not follow this advice. For example I am in the UK and by registering a .co.uk I soared past a rival of mine who was using the Netspace system too but was using a .com domain. Remember local domains are better for local search.
  • The software provided by Tyler is great, however be ready to customise the content that his built for you website creates. When you purchase Net Space profits you get a tool that builds a website automatically which is great, however remember that who knows how many other people have the same websites being built. The thing that makes this bad is that Google hates duplicate content. So by all means use the cookie cutter website builder but make sure that your highest priority then is updating the duplicate content with unique and interesting content.
  • My final tip that I would like to give is that the Net Space System recommends only promoting your spaces landing pages and not the actual homepage of the domain you registered. To me this is a huge mistake as the homepage is the most important page to Google if you allow it to be that. So use the homepage and get that advantage, it has helped me to rank for terms in days not weeks or months. A good idea could be to use the homepage as a blog where you write blog posts about the area that your business is operating and promoting other businesses.


To purchase the Net Space programme click here. Please read comments below though.


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9 years ago

Hello! I also purchased Netspace 3.0 and noticed your blog and how you added all the spaces to your blog, how did you do that? I was reading some forums and read that one guy had all his spaces filled with clients and then was ban from Google. My question to you is can I trust this program and how has it worked for you?

Frustrated customer,