I hope you are all staying safe during these times.

For most of us the biggest impact we are noticing is the changes we need to make in our working lives.

The Remote Work lifestyle which employees around the world have been asking their bosses for the world over is now a reality. In fact even before the pandemic outbreak, remote working arrangements had increased 173% (study here).

For many of you readers here at Bootstrapps this type of working arrangement is not uncommon. However for many others this will be new territory and I would like to welcome you to the club and highlight some of the best apps we have at our disposal including honorable mentions that have lifetime deals right now to make the transition easier.

7 Apps for working remotely


For many of you this tool will be familiar but if not you can think of Slack as your virtual office space for you and your colleagues. It facilitates communication between team members through instant chat and acting as a springboard for exchanging ideas and thoughts on projects.

You can create different channels for different projects and keeps it all catalogued making future search easier. It is also invaluable resource for bringing new employees on board quickly with the status of projects and what priorities are right now.

In essence if you have a business with numerous team members working on a single project then Slack (free plan here) is the tool you need to get project goals achieved quicker.

Honorable mention


Zoom is a video conference call and screen sharing tool which seems to be everywhere right now and for good reason.

It is reliable and

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